CORDES Organisatie Advies & Ontwikkeling provides advice from a positive perspective and we look at organisations in terms of solutions, not problems. > lees verder

Our consultancy services are based on working closely with our clients to mobilise strengths and opportunities, in order to arrive at innovative and improved solutions.
CORDES knows that the human factor is critical to the success of the organisation.

CORDES strives to complete its improvement and modernisation assignments successfully: the impact of our advice for the organisation is key.

Since 1987, CORDES has advised countless organisations and their leaders in an expert and respectful manner, offering a common-sense approach to selecting the best practices in the development of organisational skills. The partners are Certified Management Consultants (CMC) and members of the Dutch Institute for Management Consultants (Ooa).

Organisational development

Continuous change is a basic attitude.

Leadership development

Leading is more than managing.

Government and social arena

Self-aware and connecting.


Concentration, focus AND collaboration.


Encouraging each other to be successful.


Powerful support for personal development.