Rolf Sterk

“What are on earth are we doing?”

I'm at my best when a change in strategy is needed that requires a change in work practices, work processes and collaboration. My approach is characterised by positive-perspective consultancy, awakening ambitions and achieving impact. My basic attitude is underpinned by curiosity: the continuous quest to find and route towards what works best in your organisation.

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Relevant projects 

  • Intervening in serious organisational crises. I developed this as my specialism in recent years. On many assignments, for a wide range of clients in the healthcare, profit and public sector
  • Change and implementation manager for the merger of seven welfare institutions in the municipality of Alkmaar, adolescent psychiatry region, municipal cleaning Amsterdam-C, education, sports and culture sector of Amsterdam city centre district, reorganisation of Elderly Care and Psychiatry
  • Developing and strengthening management teams and teams of professionals
  • Using a dialogue approach, revitalising teams that have hit a brick wall
  • Achieving a radical change in strategy via management development in a national care and special education organisation
  • Future-oriented organisational research in various - mainly public - organisations. With the right mix of progress of commitment, jointly developing a new strategy and frameworks. Core: smarter working practices, common-sense simplification of work processes
  • Achieving chain collaboration with regard to multi-problem families in a 100,000+ municipality
  • Guiding mergers in education and care
  • Coaching and mediation programmes with managers and professionals


I graduated as an organisational psychologist in Amsterdam in 1986. In 1985 I started working as a junior external consultant and an internal organisational consultant and in 1988 I was appointed external advisor at one of the large international consultancy companies.

The work and field of consultants fascinate me. I apply this fascination in practice as a member of the Dutch Institute for Management Consultants (Ooa) and, previously, as chairman of the Council for Management Consultancies. After a number of years on the board, I served as chairman of the Council from 2009 to 2012 and, up until 2013, worked on the code of conduct and disciplinary laws for professional services at large. 

The publications I cherish most are the articles I have written on organisational research, situational consultancy, the dialogue approach in team development and staff-line relationships. 

Private: everything has a rhythm

Playing the drums requires a sense of rhythm and the ability to continually discover and apply - sometimes intuitively - variations to basic themes, like life itself.

“Let them discover it themselves without taking over, unless ...,” is a guiding principle in my work, as well as in the way I raise my children.